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Comparing and Contrasting Personality Theories
Since the beginning of psychology, psychologists have been exploring methods of psychology. There will always be problems with the mind so there will always be the need for new techniques. Every psychologist has to decide what method of psychology he or she will practice. There are a variety of methods and even though they all differ; there are a lot of similarities.
Sigmund Freud founded the Psychodynamic theory often known as psychodynamics. Psychodynamics emphasizes discovering a persons unconscious thoughts and bringing them to awareness. These thoughts are usually from the person’s childhood and play a large role in determining both normal and abnormal behavior. This usually, mom never hugged me or daddy never told me he loved me. The main goal is to bring these feelings out of the subconscious so the patient can deal with the problem. The views of human nature according to the Freudians are: Highly deterministic, pessimistic, maintain balance more than having the urge to grow, and the past shapes the present. Non-Freudians believe that patients are more optimistic, less deterministic, and motivated to grow over maintaining



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