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A common expectation in the American culture would be to attend school, earn a degree, and choose a promising career that one will enjoy and will provide for them financially to live a comfortable and stable life. Unfortunately, attending college is not as easy as one would hope for. With the continuing rise of college tuition rates, a large majority of the average class society is not able to attend college due to the financial aspect involved in attending a school of choice.
Average costs to attend college, including tuition, room, board, books, and travels, is approximately $10,458 for public colleges and universities and $22,553 for private schools. These numbers are extremely high and continue to increase along with each academic year. Many financial advisors exchange advice with parents of young children to start saving while they can. Why should one have to put money away every year for almost 18 years for their child to attend a school of choice? They say that intelligence is gained from a college education; therefore, wouldnÂ’t it be incredible if each one of us were surrounded by all intelligent people. Consequently, that is asking for to much. Though many



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