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Changes In Golf

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Changes In Golf

The game of golf has changed in so many different ways. The clubs have changed drastically. When Jack Nicklaus was around twenty-five years old, they used irons called blades. Today they still have blades but golf companies also make irons that have a cavity back on it. A cavity back is on the back of the iron which helps the golfer hit the ball a little farther and straighter when he or she doesn’t hit the ball solid. This gives the golf club a little bit bigger sweet spot rather than the blades small sweet spot. The sweet spot is where the ball should be struck on the club face. The clubs with bladed iron is mostly for the better golfer such as the touring professional that play on the Professional Tours. The cavity back was basically made for the average golfer to have more fun with the game of golf and make it more enjoyable.
The play of golf has changed a lot too. In the early 1900’s and even before that the golfers were not allowed to mark his or her golf ball on the putting green. So if



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