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Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye is without a doubt a controversial book. Many of the items contained may be seen as inappropriate or morally wrong to some people, but I do not think this a correct judgment of this literary masterpiece. Explained here will be the book’s supposed faults, and why each is flawed.
Catcher in the Rye displays some very vulgar language at some points. The main character, Holden, swears profusely, and is very morbid in the language he uses. Although this language is extremely evident when reading the book, one who focuses on nothing but the language will miss the total message in the book. Also, the theme of undermining the human race and the falseness of the good intentions of people is rather evident in this book. Many argue that this does not set a good example for young readers, but on the other hand, many agree that this skepticism of human psychology is a very realistic portrayal of the world. It shows how things really are, not how people want them to be.
On a final note, I would like to



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