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Art in Classical Greece 624

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Art in Classical Greece

Art and architecture flourished during the period of Classical Greece. Many new art forms and ideas were developed during this wonderful time. Greek paintings became more realistic in depth and perception. New ideas emerged from sculptors to create more drama and rhythm within Greek sculptures. New Greek dramas began to develop along with new ideas of what society should be and how one should act in society. In their architecture, the Greeks were very advanced. One example of the art in their architecture is The Parthenon. It must have been magnificent to see, when it was still in its’ prime state. The Greek culture during the thriving classical period has had one of the largest impacts on western civilization to this day.
What exactly is meant by the phrase Classical Greece? Classical, has two meanings in our modern language that apply to Classical Greece. Within the development of art and science, classical expresses recognition of a standard of perfection within a particular genre. In other words, something that is the highest class or rank is said to be classical. But, in a historical sense, classical has an



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