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Arguments for the Bundle Theory

I. Derek Parfit argues for the Bundle Theory, which states that we cannot explain the unit of consciousness through people, but rather as a series of mental states and events. Each one of these series constitutes a life, denying the existence of a person to be existing separately from one's body. Pafit argues that we cannot explain our survival through time by referring to a ”person”, because no “person” (subject of our experiences) actually exists. There are just bundles of mental states (experiences) tied together by the causal relation of memory, that is, experiencing and remembering previous experiences. We call these bundles our “lives”. Since Claire Robertson suffered from complete amnesia, one may say that she has lost her sense of “self” and is no longer the same person. However, the Sensecam is able to give Claire this sense of “self” back by triggering her episodic memory. The minute details Claire may see through the Sensecam photos often trigger her memories from previous experiences.
The Sensecam is allowing Claire to have psychological continuity, which gives her a personal identity. Daniel Dennett, noting that any notion of the



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