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Animal Research

Take a rough estimate of how many animals are killed each year in the United Sates in research alone? In nineteen-ninety-five, 1.5 millions animals (excluding rats, mice, and birds) were used in some sort of laboratory animal testing. (9) Reading the word “million” does not seem like a huge number, right? Well think about the amount of medication that is being prescribed to different individuals for different illnesses, like cancer or just the common cold. Medical research is not the only department using animals. Cosmetic research is also using animals to come up with different eye-shadows or lipstick so that we can cover up our age to look younger. So, how do animals become injected into the research picture?
Dating back into the mid nineteen century, Louis Pasteur was one of many scientists that studied infectious diseases in domestic animals. (6) Louis Pasteur, a French Chemist, studied how contaminates caused alcoholic drinks to spoil; he was also convinced that microorganisms were also responsible for chicken cholera and anthrax. (6) As Louis Pasteur did further studies with rabbits and guinea pigs, he injected infectious diseases inside of animal’s and then developed a vaccine



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