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Advancements in Sports Technology

If someone were to travel back in time to twenty years ago they would find that the sports technology used in that era was prehistoric compared to what it is now. Thanks to modern advancements and new technology, we have entered a new age of sports science. The modernization of extreme sports has provided massive advantages to individual sports and even though the advancements have taken away from the difficulty of those sports, they promote and enable high amounts of progression.
The advancements in technology that improve the body and mind of athletes has played a huge roll in how sports have progressed over the years. Things like high performance pro athlete training programs, pre-work and protein supplements and sports psychology have improved competitive drive and impacted the way athletes are perceived. Programs like the EXOS pro performance programs which focus on performance and high altitude training, nutrition and physical therapy are designed to sculpt competitors into the most elite and high performing athletes in the world. There are also everyday tools that normal people use to become stronger and better athletes like pre-workout cryotine that provides people



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