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Acceptance Essay

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Acceptance Essay

As a high school senior, applying for college is a very tedious activity. The same questions are asked over and over again, and the essays seem to be never ending. However, when asked the question, “What school would you like to attend?”, I immediately answer Delaware State University. Delaware State has all that I am looking for. Sophomore year, I was awarded with the presidential award for outstanding achievement and academic excellence. Last year, I was nominated for an award in Defense, Intelligence, and Diplomacy from the National Youth Forum of Washington D.C., I would like to pursue a career in law. Delaware State can prepare me for my career in law, because it supplies an excellent learning program for my major Political Science.
When searching for the right college, it is important that the location and environment is adequate to what the student is looking for. I have found that at Delaware State. Whenever I see myself at college, I envision being surrounded by lots of people. I see myself on my own, and learning how to adjust to my new surroundings. Most of all, I see myself enjoying my college life



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