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Abnormal Pysch

In each of our lives there are signal events, experiences over which we have no control, yet which profoundly shape the life ahead. I remember times in my life where a certain event would stay with me the rest of my life. Through out my term paper I will try to explain the pain and destruction Sara Mikoulis went through and the power she had to survive. I will try my best to add a classification from the DSM IV to diagnose Sara Mikoulis and try to provide my point of view.
Growing up in Sara Mikoulis life she was never able to become her own person and rise above events that would leave her damaged for the rest of her life. In the book “The Transcended Child” Sara Mikoulis explained her life to a psychologist, Lillian B. Rubin and tries to overcome and forget her gut wrenching past.
Growing up in her adolescent life she was passed around throughout her family. She was brought up to an age of seven with her aunt and uncle. She was ripped from the only people she knew in her life



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