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A Refined Definition of Intelligence

Without intelligence, this paper would not be written or read. An uninspiring false assumption in pop culture tells us that intelligence can simply be reduced to recalling of facts or high academic performance. Accumulating knowledge alone means nothing, at least in terms of intelligence. Although there is no standard definition for intelligence, anyone who knows the difference between an ant and a chicken knows that there is a difference in intelligence between the two. How can something that is inherently “known” be so elusive and hard to define? To understand intelligence, the unsolved riddles that ail the human condition must be meet with a panacea. This panacea may not be fully discovered or ever known, but awareness of such can better help us understand the nature of the “known”.
How fluidly humans can process, interpret, and articulate the subjective world within them and the objective world around them continues to fascinate scholars within the fields of cognitive psychology, neuroscience, neuropsychology, neurobiology, computer science and philosophy. The brain is the definition of complexity. No wonder there is no agreed-upon definition of the concept of intelligence in neither psychology



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