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A look at Abnormal Psychology 46181

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A look at Abnormal Psychology

A Look at Abnormal Psychology through SYBIL
Although Sybil Dorsett had many psychological problems, there are some that have a larger role in determining the outcome of her life. Her mother, the main cause of Sybil’s abnormities is in not the sole cause. Sybil’s identification with the males in her life also causes her some distress, since she trusts the three main males in her life, but they in turn do not offer her any help. Sybil is also troubled by the fact that she is unable to channel her creativity in a productive manner. While she has many talents she is unable to utilize them as they are all trapped in her separate selves. Finally, due to her mother’s condition and the effect her mother had on her, Sybil suffers from a denial of self -realization. Through the combination of these and other predicaments, Sybil develops very individualistic ways to deal with the problems of everyday life. Mainly, she develops different people to help her deal with her troubles and tribulations.
Sybil does not come into contact with many males during her



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