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A Diamond Personality - Case Study 201126

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A Diamond Personality - Case Study

1. What factors do you think have contributed to Rodriguez's success? Was he merely "in the right place at the right time , or are there characteristics about him that contribute to the success?
Rodriguez was an immigrant from Puerto Rico with very limited knowledge of the English language. He moved to Florida in search of greener pastures, some of the factors that lead to his success were related to his ambition. Rodriguez's success was mainly driven by his motivation to have a better life than what he was leading prior to migrating to the USA and better than the current life he was leaving by struggling to get by. He started with getting education at a local community college, and while he was going there he was working at the local mall to support himself through the studies. Upon graduation from the community college he was advised by a friend to apply to a jewelry store in the mall although he was hesitant he followed the advice and got hired. He started working there and found a high interest in diamonds which lead to him obtaining a certificate



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