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2…4…6…8… who should we appreciate? Cheerleaders. Cheerleaders are one of the few school athletes who do not get respected for all of the hard work that they do. There are three main reasons that cheerleaders should get respected more. A lot of time and effort goes into cheerleading. There are a lot of injuries and cheerleaders also go to competition sometimes too.
There is so much time spent in cheerleading. Nearly much as the other teams, such as basketball, soccer, and the other big name sports, spends practicing, so do the cheerleaders. The time is used for practicing stunts. There are a lot of different stunts in cheerleading such as Babies, Full, and Liberties. A baby is when there are 2 base people and a back spot and one flyer (the girl who goes up) and the flyer puts her feet in the bases hands and the bases extend there hands to chest level. A full is the same thing except that the bases hands are extended above their heads. A liberty is when the girls are in the “full” position and the flyer has one leg in the bases hands and the other foot is touching



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